We look forward in helping your child develop knowledge, skills and confidence in the surf and fun and fitness at the beach. 

sunday morning training

Training starts at 10am so please ensure that your children are at the clubhouse by 9.45 so they are ready to start on time. The children must sign in before they go onto the beach and sign out before they leave. It is important that we know who we have on the beach at all times. 

Parents, we ask that you check with your children's coaches to see if there is any gear that needs to be taken down onto the beach or anything needs to be set out. Our coaches are volunteers and surf club parents who have offered their services - please give them the help and support they need to make training a fun and safe experience for your children.

use of boards

  • Please do not drag boards. Always carry boards properly to avoid damage.
  • Damaged boards - let one of the coaches know...don't simply put it back into the racks. 
  • Hold your handle if you fall off your board
  • Fibreglass boards are for 10-13yr olds. These are allocated to specific child at a cost.

This is very important, please crick here to read about the use of boards.

achievement awards

These are awards that the nippers can work towards this season. The coaches will explain in more detail with their groups. There will be a theory and practical component.


When a carnival is on there will be no nipper programme running at Midway (see calendar for junior surf carnivals).

Age is as of the 1st October (so whatever age they are at midnight September 30, is the age that they compete as in carnivals).


Carnivals are generally for competitors 7 and over. If your child is 6 years old, and they are wanting to take part in the carnival, please check with your coach to see if they have the necessary skills and the water confidence to do so as they will be competing in the under 8 age group.

The competing ages are under 8, under 9, under 10, under 11, under 12, under 13 and under 14.


The only compulsory components for our carnivals are the club cap and a fluro vest. These can be purchased on Sunday mornings from the Nipper Crew.