use of boards

General reminder that it is important we do as much as we can to minimise the damage to club boards which are not only expensive to repair but also means that we have less equipment available at a time when it is needed. It is inevitable that damage will at times occur especially when we are training but the coaches would like the help of parents in an effort to try to minimise some of the damage that is occurring during Sunday sessions.   

Pointers for everyone are: 

  • Do not turn boards around in the shed - walk boards out backwards and walk in nose first, there simply isn't enough room to turn them around inside. 
  • Do not drag boards - boards are not to be dragged along the sand, either down to beach, or up to the club.
  • Do not leave boards on pavers in front of the club - they should be put onto the racks, washed and then put away.
  • Damaged boards - let one of the coaches know...don't simply put it back into the racks. 
  • Collision on a board - if there is a collision of some kind (no matter how small), check the boards as sometimes you won't realise that damage has been done. 
  • Hold your handle if you fall off your board - it is important when there are waves or lots of white water that board riders aren't too close together. If they fall off their board they should endeavour (make as much effort possible) to grab hold of one of the handles to prevent the board washing in and hitting another board. This is also good practice when competing in carnivals as so they do not lose their board. 
  • Do not sit/stand on boards on ground/beach - this will damage the fin and board.

Fibreglass boards are for 10-13yr olds 

The fibreglass boards are only to be used by the 10-13 year olds who have signed the agreement, or by the nine year old who a coach has given permission to. These will be allocated by coaches and will have a $50 charge for the season. There will be a separate agreement informing you of repair charges etc.