become a lifeguard

To patrol our beach you must be qualified as a surf lifeguard. If you're over 14 and able to swim we can train you up to gain your Surf Lifeguard Award. We run a number of these throughout the summer depending on demand. 

Training takes about twenty six hours and covers modules in surf skills, basic first aid, rescue techniques and risk management. Some of the skills are taught theoretically however most are taught in a practical environment.

Once your training is complete you will be examined. The exam will assess your key lifeguarding skills and involves;

  • 400m timed pool swim (completed in under 9 minutes) 
  • Tube rescue in a pool environment 
  • Theory Test CPR and first aid  
  • Radio set up and use hand signals
  • 200m run-swim-run in the surf environment 
  • Tube rescue in the surf environment
  • Once you've passed all the exam components you'll be issued with your Surf Lifeguard Award and a Surf Lifeguard Uniform and be assigned to a patrol.

To join, all you need to do is complete the online SLSNZ form and our club form. Click here for more details.

Your name will then be passed to our Chief Instructor who will organise training for you. If you have any questions regarding lifesaving or training feel free to email Midway SLSC at admin@midwayslsc.co.nz

We are committed to ongoing learning within Surf Life Saving too, whether you are 7 or 70, from lifesaving, first aid, coaching and instruction, to leadership, teamwork and communication; our training will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

Refreshers: for more information click here.