December 2014 Patrol Report

Posted by MidwayAdmin on Wednesday, 31 December 2014


December 6/7

Welcome to summer! Wow did Gisborne turn up the heat this weekend. Patrol Teams Rua, Toru and Wha had a fantastic time on superb beach conditions. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, and a few waves to be had by those keen to brave the water. Aside from the large numbers making it down to Midway Beach, it was business as usual for our ever present club members in the yellow and red uniform. Long may this continue throughout the summer.


December 13/14

What a difference a week can make. After raving about our Gisborne summer for last weekends patrols, we get a horrible time of it this weekend. The southerlies rolled in bringing rain and strong, cold winds. The Surf also picked up, bringing the surfers out to Midway Beach. Thankfully, as they were the only ones brave enough to enjoy such conditions. Got to have something for Rima, Ono and Whitu patrol teams to do! And a big thank you to those who once again put some time in making sure our Midway Beach is well looked after, no matter what the weather does. Big Congrats to those athletes who competed in the Whangamata Classic and the Nippers carnival at Waikanae. Making the club proud!


December 20/21

Impressive lifeguarding hours completed by our dedicated Midway clubbies during a good patrolling weekend at Midway Beach. We had well over 14 uniformed guards at the ready during each shift. Thankfully, as the fantastic Gisborne summer returned to us, and so did the Gisborne community. Was great seeing so many people enjoying a safe beach in the weekend sunshine. Each patrol team has now finished their second scheduled patrol, finishing with Waru patrol on Saturday. On Sunday teams Tahi and Rua started off the third round. A massive shout out to those who attended the Mount Manganui Monster Ironman. Huge effort guys!


December 27/28

Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday period. Midway Beach, from Roberts Road down past Watson Park was overrun with Rhythm 'N Vines and Bay Watch festival goers this weekend! Patrol Teams Toru, Wha and Rima had their work cut out for them looking after the hundreds of visitors enjoying the beach. Luckily we had another strong showing from our Midway lifeguards with plenty to watch over the masses. And why wouldn't they? Gisborne really knows how to turn up the heat over the Christmas/New Year's break! And with a Gisborne summer comes a lack of waves. "Lake Gisborne" has provided a fantastic swimming beach, just not so great or anyone wanting waves.








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