February 2015 Patrol Report

Posted by MidwayAdmin on Saturday, 28 February 2015


February 6/7/8

Happy Waitangi Day all. Hope you enjoyed your Monday off. And what a weekend it was! It has been a long time since we have seen I have seen such surf at Midway Beach. Tricky conditions with a lot of water moving this weekend. Thanks to patrol teams RIMA, ONO and WHITU for keeping our beach safe, you all went over and above expectations. I hope you all enjoyed such beautiful surf conditions.


February 14/15

Well we thought summer was back! Due to such dangerous conditions Midway beach was closed for swimming on Saturday. The Local Junior Championships were even moved to Waikanae as the conditions were slightly less rough than here at Midway on Sunday. Again a huge thank you to patrol teams WARU, TAHI and RUA for putting up with terrible weather to make sure anyone who was brave enough to get in the ocean was also safe. 


February 21/22

Well we are now into our last restored patrols for the season! The summer has really flown by quickly this season.  The weather is still letting us know that winter is just around the corner too. It's still warm, the clouds and showers remind us that we are near the end. Patrol teams TORU, WHA and RIMA finished off their season in style, making the most of the waves on offer. Was good to see plenty of the Gisborne community still getting down to Midway Beach while the summer still tries to linger around.



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