2015 Gisborne Senior Champs

Posted by MidwayAdmin on Sunday, 11 January 2015

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 2015 Gisborne Senior Champs!

We had an awesome three days of racing with some stellar weather and competition. 

Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, helpers, officials, parent helpers, supporters, bay of plenty clubs and Gisborne clubs and everyone else who helped the event become a great success 

And to the final point tally, the 2015 winners of the Gisborne Senior Champs for the 16th year in a row are: 

1st place: Midway - 428 points
2nd place: Waikanae - 283 points
3rd place: Wainui - 56 points

Well done Midway on the outstanding win and for setting a new record with 16 years in a row 

2015 Gisborme Champs Winner

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