Training & Nationals 2015

Posted by MidwayAdmin on Sunday, 8 March 2015
This week marks the final week of training for our NZ season (Aussies to go after this weekend). We've had a great season so far but this coming weekend is the weekend that we will judge ourselves from.
We have our final team meeting at Peppers after training on Wednesday. Please make sure you attend this meeting as there will be some important information about the weekend ahead. 
Monday 9th March 2015: At 6am @ Olympic pool, At 5pm @ Midway
Tuesday 10th March: At 5pm @ Midway
Wednesday 11th March: At 6am, At 5pm @ Midway,  Team Meeting at 6pm @ Peppers 
Thursday 12th - 15th March: Nationals 2015 @ Midway
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