ERC 2016 Beach Arena Summary

Posted by MidwayAdmin on Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Weather: HOT HOT HOT

Caitlyn Candy and Shaya Fowell made it to the U16 finals and came 7th/8th which is an awesome effort as this is their first ERC competition.  Sophie Twigley placed 2nd in the U19 Sprints which she was wrapped with as it is her first year in this grade.

U19 Sprint 2nd

This year we were able to enter all 3 age groups for the relays - U16, U19 and Open. 

U16 Relay team - 1st    Caitlyn Candy, Shaya Fowell, Tyler Burgess and Alex Bermingham.

1st U16 Sprint relay

U19 Relay team - 3rd Caitlyn Candy, Alex Bermingham, Tyler Burgess and Sophie Twigley.

3rd U19 Sprint Relay

Open Relay team - 6th Shaya Fowell, Annabelle Higgins, Tyler Burgess, Sophie Twigley.


Sunday was cooler with a bit of rain.

Flags results - U16 girls came 7th/8th/9th - Shaya, Caitlyn and Tyler.

Sophie came 4th in the U19 grade.

Unfortunately Haylee Rogers had an early injury after winning her U16 sprint heat so had to withdraw from the competition.  Looking forward to seeing Haylee back running soon.   Thanks to our coaches Dene Moleta and Connor O'Loughlin.   Congratulations to Connor and Ash who got married on the 30th January.  

Great weekend of competition from all of our inspiring and gutsy Midway team.

MW girls at ERC2016

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