About us

Established in 1952 we’re proud to be developing tomorrow’s young lifesavers through our lifeguard programmes. We have a broad range of members who make our club a great asset.

Our club patrols 10km of Midway Beach on Saturdays and Sundays, November through to mid-March, helping ensure everyone’s safety.

Each summer we patrol around 1900 hours, our lifeguards take around 450 preventative lifeguard actions to help keep everyone safe, and rescue around 10 people from the water.

At Midway you can train to be a lifeguard. Lifeguards can start their journey as Little Rippers right the way up to Seniors. Our Sunday programmes help youngsters develop an awareness of the beach and keep themselves safe in an aquatic environment, before developing the first aid and rescue skills needed to help others.

Follow the links if you are interested in LifeguardingJunior Surf, or Senior Surf.