Our People

Life Members:        

KC Morse (dec) T Hutchings  PA Benson
JA Griffin (dec) D Hall  
RS Read (dec) M Richardson  
DRJ Swann B Wilson  
KD Hughes (dec) RW Dyer  
WF Denham (dec) P Thorpe  


Midway Personnel:

Rob Fergus President
Dave Corrin Chairperson
Gina Carroll Convenor of Finance - admin@midwayslsc.co.nz
Mel McIntyre Club Administration
Tim Petro Convenor of Assets
Rama Robertson Convenor of Life Guarding - lifeguarding@midwayslsc.co.nz
Sam Gavin Convenor of Junior Surf, Sponsorship
Jared Phelps Convenor of Surf Sports
Jack Gavin Head Coach - coach@midwayslsc.co.nz
Anna Roberts Midway Surf Rescue Community Hub Trustee
Tracy Fergus Member Welfare - Email

Our member’s welfare is extremely important at Midway.  We all can sometimes experience tough and challenging times.  If you would like to talk to someone confidentially about the club or for a personal nature, please contact Tracy.